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our shelves are greener
  Locally made and delivered products are by far better for the environment.
  Especially when they have been made using the latest technology and manufacturing systems designed to minimise waste.
  Our products are made under the ISO standards for quality 9001 and environmental management 14001.
  In achieving these standards the factory has deployed the latest in Enterprise Resource Programming that optimises production, minimises waste and produces superb quality.
  accordingly our products carry the coveted Eco Warranty label.
  our supply chain partners
Laminex Green First

Greenfirst underpins The Laminex Group's environmental approach. Committed to driving sustainable building practices, The Laminex Group are striving to deliver more sustainable product solutions and reducing our environmental impact, demonstrated by the following;

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) CoC (Chain of Custody), AFS/PEFC (Australian Forestry Standard / Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) certified sites

An ever-increasing range of Ecospecifier GreenTag™ independently certified products

Low formaldehyde products, starting at E0

ISO 14001 certification

Corporate member of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) with a growing team of GBCA-accredited professionals

The Laminex Group have now elected to transition their MDF E1 board products to the even lower formaldehyde E0 substrate. Further exciting developments are in place to provide even more sustainable solutions.

Please visit for more information.

  Hafele Australia
  Renowned for their innovative hardware and unsurpassed quality
  At Hafele Australia we endeavor to minimise waste and maximise recycling in an effort to reduce landfill.

We do this by;

Continually monitoring the use of resources within our operations and production process;

Reviewing production processes to ensure that excessive consumption and waste of production raw materials are identified and processes implemented to minimise excessive waste;

Where possible utilise by-products or waste from production in other areas or business activities
(for example: damaged particle board from the drawer line used as packaging materials for painted doors)

Ensure that production raw material wastage (such as aluminum, acrylic, cardboard) are recycled and not disposed of in landfill;

Where practicable, and efficient, use the most environmentally friendly form of consumables for packing (for example: maximise the use of cardboard rather than plastic);

Utilise recycling agencies for the disposal of paper, printer/copier cartridges etc.

Hafele will ensure that any waste that can not be reused or recycling is disposed of in a way which minimises any impact on the environment and conforms to all relevant regulatory requirements. for more information
  Surteco Australia
  Surteco manufacturers edge banding in Australia
only from “Eco-Friendly” ABS co-polymers.

ABS is acrylinitrile butadiene styrene. Surteco Australia ceased
manufacturing edge banding in PVC in 2003 as it did not
conform to the following environmental requirements.

Environmental Features of ABS (and SB):

Non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic.

Food grade material and sealed. Suitable for use in hygienic
areas such as hospitals and children’s furniture.

Safe to dispose and burn. No dangerous chemicals emitted
such as dioxin or HCl typical from PVC.

No leaching of components over time.

Completely recyclable.
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